Pearl Street Farmers Market Denver

It’s official, Denver has a new King of the farmers market scene. This past weekend solidified this finding as I found myself wandering up and down the Pearl Street Farmers Market with the masses. Let’s be clear, there are a number of wonderful markets throughout the Metro. In fact, the Union Station Farmer’s Market is a close second but for a consistently enjoyable experience, Pearl Street is hard to beat.

The Logistics

I love that the market is on one main street. It makes it easier for patrons to shop and browse. One of the side streets  is used for food trucks and some seating, but other than that, you just have to walk up and down ONE STREET. South Pearl Street has a great look and “feel” to it with historic buildings housing bricks and mortar businesses.

Parking is a little tight because it’s in the middle of a residential and business district. Happily, the market is pretty easy to get on foot, by bike, or via light rail.

If you ride your bike to the market there is manned bike “parking” with usually 2 attendants watching over the bikes. If you park your bike there you will be handed a ticket, when you’re done with your browsing, show the attendant your ticket and then get your bike. Please remember to tip a dollar or two before you leave.

Most vendors have credit/debit card readers but I would recommend that you bring both cash and card just in case there is a problem with the card reader.

The Vendors

Are pretty affordable, varied, and passionate about the products that they share. Sometimes buying locally can be a little more expensive, but I was finding that some other local markets were significantly more expensive because of the types of vendors and products being sold.

Standout Vendors:

  • The Sophisticate’s Tea-Listen to my podcast episode with Trinity Hindman (one of the founders). What exactly is it? It is a tea concentrate I particularly love the Sophisticate’s Mountain Fog Concentrate.



  • Tlaquesalsa-I’m convinced that this is the best salsa made in Colorado. I’ve tried all three flavors (Tomatillo, Arbol, and Jalapeno) and I love all three.

Best Deal

The $10 all you can fill bag of veggies at the veggie and fruit vendor whose name I can’t remember. This stand is pretty busy and should be easy to find. Therefore, be aware that not all of the veg/fruits are grown in Colorado-but, if you’re looking to be kind to your grocery budget, this stand is for you!

Pearl Street Farmers Market

Retains an ease and approachability that similar markets seem not to have. There are tons of people walking with their kids, friends, and fur babies. The vendors seem happy to be there and it’s nice to have the option of popping into one of the many stores or restaurants that flank the market. There is a distinct lack of attitude and a very real sense of warmth.

I love this market. It’s open on Sundays from 9-1 pm.

SQS004: Cultura Craft Chocolate

Matt from Cultura Craft Coffee

Matt Armstrong

I am a chocolate addict. When I emotionally eat, good chocolate is what I like to reach for. Also, when I’m happy…you get the idea. I love all things chocolate. So, when I noticed a large number of chocolatiers/chocolate companies in Denver, I thought it would be great to talk to a couple of them to figure out what the deal was…and, hopefully score some free chocolate. I didn’t get any from Matt because I forgot to…ask..beg. But, we had a good time talking about chocolate.  Enjoy the interview.

Colorado Chocolate 

  • What’s the deal with all the chocolate? There is a ton of great chocolate being made in Colorado. I’ve had a great time “sampling” all of them.


  • Dead Dog Chocolate has changed to Cultura Craft Chocolate. Why the branding change?


  • What Matt’s role is in the company. Matt is originally from Cali (with a couple of stops along the way). I’m curious about how he got connected with Culture Craft Chocolate.


  • Chocolate makers vs. chocolatiers. What’s the difference?


  • The ongoing process of educating consumers about their chocolate (quality vs. cost). I love supporting local businesses and know that cost and getting consumers to be comfortable with potentially spending more is an ongoing challenge.


  • Matt’s business experience in Colorado so far.


  • We get sidetracked by his taco love. It’s kind of hilarious how much he loves tacos. He let’s me know if Denver has any good places to check them out.


  • We discuss how Matt got into chocolate making. It’s a pretty cool story!


  • Drinking chocolate and getting consumers to make the switch to higher quality chocolate. It has less sugar but tastes so good.


  • I wonder about his favorite chocolate and the most popular bars that they sell.


  • I get nosey.

Where to Find Cultura Craft Chocolate



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10 Amazing Snacks Made in Colorado to Take on Your Next Hike

One of my favorite activities to take part in here in Colorado is hiking. I can’t get enough of it. A typical hike that my friends and I will take part in usually lasts around 4-5 hours depending on the size of the group, length of the hike, distance from Denver, and the altitude.

There are a number of things to consider when planning your next hike but one that many people don’t spend enough time on is creating the perfect combination of snacks for your next hike. I thought it would be fun to share 10 amazing snacks made in Colorado to take on your next hike when you’re pressed for time or low on groceries!

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10 Amazing Snacks

  • Made in Nature Snacks-Headquartered in Boulder and manufactured in California, Made Nature has some amazing tasty and healthy snacks that hikers can carry with them into the backcountry.


  • Lara Bars-I absolutely love these and my current favorite is the Cherry Pie. Which is weird because I tend to prefer apples.



  • Binnie’s Coconut Butter-This is so good you want to slap somebody. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder and she is super focused on creating an amazing and delicious product creating obsessed fans everywhere.



  • Lithic Nutrition-this is made with cricket protein. Really. It’s a great source of protein that is a lot more earth friendly and produces a heck of a lot less methane because…crickets are easier to raise than cattle.


  • Noosa Yogurt-This yogurt is a Colorado obsession. Especially during the fall when the Pumpkin flavor is released. Right now they are releasing way too many flavors (can’t keep up with them all) but my current favorites are: Mexican chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. Of course lemon.


  • Power Puck-Share Good Foods makes these delicious treats.



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The Egg and I-Restaurant Review

Disclosure: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog.

I love blogging about Colorado and sharing all of the great activities, resources, and cool things happening here. One of the communities I belong to is the Denver Bloggers Club. For those of you who are into blogging join this group. Great people, amazing resources…and free food! The April meeting was held at The Egg and I and I wanted to share my experience.

The Egg and I 

I had the opportunity to eat at The Egg and I as part of a Denver Bloggers Club Meetup. While I knew some things about The Egg and I, I’d never had the opportunity to try it out.

It’s a Colorado-based that started in Fort Collins. I found the food to be similar to what you would get at Village Inn (solid Americana) but better 🙂

There are over 100+ locations across the U.S. These locations are typically found in the Central U.S. not the Coasts.


  • I went insane for the Kale Cooler. Seriously. I had three glasses of it. I actually loved that Kale Cooler (and the Pineapple Tonic) so much that I wanted to suggest that they sell it in stores. That good. By the third glass I just owned my greediness and kept on drinking.
  • Soups and salad dressings are made in-house.
  • The seasonal specials-I had the Blueberry Lemon Curd pancake combo. Loved it. I’m looking forward to trying out their pumpkin waffles.
  • The plating size-No skimping on the servings. You will be full after you leave.
  • You can hold meetings at different locations (with wifi/etc.) Great use of the space.
  • The staff! They are amazing and you can tell that they really care about customer experience and the company.
  • We got some great swag!! I wasn’t expecting that. They gave us hot sauce (I knew then that they understood me) and a gift card for a future visit. Getting my Kale Cooler soon.

If you have those lovely snooty foodie friends that always want to go for fusion food, stuff made with dry ice, and ingredients sourced during a full moon-this isn’t the place for them.

If you have friends and family who want a comfortable and family friendly atmosphere, comfort food, don’t care about calories, and just want to enjoy eating a yummy, unpretentious meal The Egg and I is the place to take them.

I plan on stopping by the Leetsdale location at 560 S. Holly Street to get some more of that Kale Cooler as soon as humanly possible.

The Egg and I

Final thoughts: I would also like to extend a huge “Thank You!” to Summer and the rest of the wonderful crew who made my first experience at The Egg and I so wonderful. The Denver Bloggers Club was hosted at the Lakewood location (7830 W. Alameda). If you love supporting local restaurants doing great things The Egg and I should be on your list.

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Don’t have a car and want to check out The Egg and I? Use my Lyft Promo code and get $5 off your first ride (new riders only)



Latigo-Restaurant Review

Disclosure: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog.

One of the weird things about Denver and most of Colorado is that good Mexican food is hard to find. Yes, it’s strange and it has always been like this. But recently I’ve had the good luck to stumble upon a couple of great places to enjoy some amazing Mexican food and Latigo is one of them.


Is not what most people think of when they think about Mexican food. I think many people have the experience of variations of street tacos, tamales, or even (if you’re lucky) a good mole. Latigo is a fine dining experience and I am so lucky that I got to enjoy it for free!!

Why free? I belong to the Denver Bloggers Meetup and this month’s meetup happened to be at Latigo. I had no idea what to expect and left with my mind blown. This review is entirely my own opinion and the I would like to disclose that I received a free meal and a gift certificate for another meal in the future.

Let’s be clear-I’m about to gush and if it hadn’t been such a great experience I would be very clear about that too.

I Love Latigo

I loved how friendly the staff was, the food, and the restaurant space which was open and airy. The location is right across the street from Coors Field at 22nd and Blake and I wonder if a different location with more year around foot traffic would be a better location for Latigo? All I know was that the food was incredible. Let’s do a run-down of the dishes that we had.

Tinga Tostada

Was a small plate that comprised of a corn tortilla, shredded beef, lettuce, queso fresco, and a little radish. I especially enjoyed the chipotle sauce that the meat was marinated in.

Ceviche de Camaron

Obsessed. Seafood always feels a bit risky in Colorado because we’re so far from the ocean. Fortunately, I’ve had some amazing seafood at different restaurants around town and Latigo delivered. This was actually my favorite dish. I could have eaten a giant bowl of this every day for the next 7 days. I couldn’t get enough. What I especially enjoyed was how spicy it was and the fact that the shrimp was marinated in lemon vs. the traditional lime. Delicious.

Chicken Fajitas

Arrived at the table sizzling. Nicely seasoned chicken, veggies, and the fixings. I enjoyed the fajitas but preferred the next dish more because it surprised me.

Cochinta Pibil

YES! This was one of the more beautiful dishes I’ve seen in a long-time. It was plated gorgeously and even though I don’t eat a lot of pork-I couldn’t get enough this slow roasted pork with achiote sauce and avocado puree. This dish is a traditional dish from the Yucatan. But, I also thought of the Puerto Rican version of pernil-but it’s totally different.

Hot Smoky Horchata (dessert)

I wanted to weep into my drink when I realized that I couldn’t drink it because I was driving. Epic fail on my part. Especially when confronted with a mix of Mezcal, Tuaca, Coffee Patron, chocolate shavings, and whipped cream. I told them that next time I won’t make this mistake and will UBER/LYFT or take the light rail so that I could enjoy this dessert the next time that I visit.

The next time I visit I would like to try the following:

  • The Guacamole
  • Molcajetes
  • Camorones Aquachiles

The next time you get a craving for Mexican food add Latigo to your rotation. I can’t emphasize enough what a positive experience I had and I’m hoping that you will enjoy it too!

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Need a Good Meal? Boston Market Has Your Back



Need a Great Meal? Boston Market has Your Back!

Disclosure: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. “

Now, before you start freaking out about Boston Market being from…Boston. I hate to break it to you but, Boston Market is headquartered close to Colorado Mills near Golden/Denver and has been in Colorado for a LONG time.

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with the Boston Market team, eat some great food, and we were even lucky enough to meet the CEO George Michel. In addition to running Colorado Luv Hub I also run a personal finance site and I thought I would write this post from a slightly different perspective-how companies such as Boston Market can be a great way to eat well-cooked food, simplify your week, and still be an affordable treat for people who are watching their money.

First, the food is great. I enjoyed a delicious holiday meal that included: turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pie. It.was.so.good. But, what I was even more impressed by was the team. They are truly committed to serving their clientele and treating them to the closest thing to a home cooked dinner minus the hassle of making your own food.

There are a number of different meal options that you can order:

  • Rotisserie chicken
  • BBQ ribs
  • Pies
  • Pot pies
  • Meatloaf
  • Whole turkey meals (YES!)

You get the picture. Everything that you love to eat especially at this time of year…but don’t have the time to make.

How to Order?

Super simple. Click on the following link and then put in your postal code to find the nearest Boston Market location to your home. You can request one of the following services:

  • Pick up to heat and serve later
  • Catering
  • Catering delivery

The holiday meals are worth the price (between $70-$115) for meals that serve up to 12 people. Besides the great taste, the best part about ordering a pre-made meal is that it saves the gracious host/hostess time! And, time is money.

I felt so welcomed when I visited with the Boston Market team and I am excited to see how their respect and love for their product and their customers translates into how well their customers are served.

If you haven’t tried Boston Market I highly recommend it! The food (and the team) is awesome.




Colorado Food Scene-Phon-atic

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been craving pho. But, I kept coming up with excuses about why it wasn’t the right time to go: too hot (seriously, it’s the end of October and in the low 80’s) I wanted to try somewhere new, and the real reason-I didn’t feel like going to Federal.

Let’s get real, sometimes going to Federal is like traveling to another country and even though I absolutely love other countries…there are moments when you just don’t want to. You just want things to be easy and close to home.

I frantically and cautiously looked through Yelp trying to see who was making some good pho close enough for me to ride my bike to it. I came across a couple of highly reviewed restaurants and decided to chose Pho-natic.


Has officially made me a phonatic for its food. I gave up on have a cool fall day and just decided to go ahead and check it out. And, on a surprisingly overcast (but kind of hot) Colorado day-I had my first bowl of pho in way to long…and it was a revelation.

Pho-natic always unnerved me a little bit. It’s directly across from the State Capitol. I actually thought it was closed because the front is a somewhat run down brick building with basically no windows. And…it’s on Colfax. Hey, I have some biases that I’m working through.

So, imagine my surprise that there was actually a restaurant located there and when I actually entered that day after a lovely ride I found that it was PACKED. This place is legit.

I was told that it would take about 10 minutes to be seated and I was fine with that. It gave me time to appreciate the 80’s decor a la Miami Vice (I love Miami Vice). The configuration of the room was…odd and if a feng shui expert came in they would say that it wasn’t feng shui. No matter. Let it go and enjoy the food.

The Window Seat

Happily, I ended up with the window seat! I needed it as I do get a little claustrophobic without some light coming in. I then realized that Pho-natic was much larger than I expected.  And PACKED.

All types of people: politicians, office workers, craftsmen, and people of all types were sitting down and enjoying what I would soon find out was a damn good bowl of pho.

The #23…

With extra tendon. Did I forget to mention that I’m a serious foodie? That I have a pretty adventurous palate? Well, when it comes pho-I go all in. What else comes in the #23?

  • Rare Steak
  • Well-done brisket
  • Tendon
  • Tripe
  • Well-done flank

The bowl arrived and I knew I was in good hands because there was just the right amount of circles of fat on the top of the broth. For those of you who love soups, especially pho, you know that the base (the broth) is everything. I tried to identify all of spices added to the broth but I was too hungry and I got started.


The broth was bae. Awesome, the bomb. Whatever slang word you would like to use to describe a transcendent food experience.

I love that the broth was a little spicier than what I’ve had before, maybe it was that day’s batch. No matter, I love spice in my life.

There was the right amount of meat and extra tendon in the bow. There have been times when I’ve gone to a local pho place and while the food is great…the amount of meat is skimpy.

The name is great because I’ll never forget it. No numbers for this pho place.

The service is fantastic! I felt welcomed and cared for while I was there without being overwhelmed. I really appreciated how fast the service was and that the server checked to make sure that I was enjoying my meal.


It’s a little expensive compared to places on Federal. But, I’ll take it because sometimes it takes too much energy for me to manage Federal.  I paid $10 for a small bowl with extra tendon. You know Denver has gotten expensive when a small bowl of pho is $8. Damn.

They were crazy busy and I could tell that they didn’t soak my noodles long enough. That meant that they were a little stuck together.

Not enough onion. Maybe they got a lot of requests for few rings of onion from the politicians? I really missed the onion and felt that would have really added a little more oomph to my bowl.

Grade? Solid A

Seriously, the next time you have a craving give Pho-natic a try. If it ever cools off (and it will) I look forward to having another bowl of delicious pho at Pho-natic. Delicious.



229 E. Colfax

*Across from the State Capital.




Let’s be honest, Colorado used to be a food desert. A place of unimaginative and boring food where the most exciting item on any menu was a Denver omelette or a really good steak (the steak has always been good). And, to add insult to injury, we have a underwhelming amount of good Mexican food despite our proximity to Mexico. For a foodie, living in Colorado has been hard…until now. Food is finally good in Colorado.


Is experiencing what I can only call: a resurgence, awakening, or, an epic moment. It is a great time to be a foodie in Colorado. It feels like we’re up for anything and that people, finally, finally have the palates to appreciate good food. There is a bit of a trick to finding good food consistently in Colorado:

  • Talk to other foodies-if you have friends who enjoy good food ask them where they go out to eat.
  • 5280 and Westword’s best of lists-Google the lists for the past 2 years and then go for it.
  • Eat local-Don’t get me wrong, there are national chains that make good food but there are so many local chefs creating beautiful and regional sourced food that it would be a shame to miss out on their greatness.
  • It’s a Secret-there are secret food experiences that you can have around the state. In Denver and Boulder there a number of cooking events that you sign up to receive monthly updates on cool events.
  • Harvest Week Dinners-Every October there are a number of venues that share incredible dinners celebrating the harvest.
  • Denver Restaurant Week-February 24-March 5, 2017. Enjoy 3-5 course meals at a hugely discounted price. Check out the different restaurants that you’ve heard about for less.

Great Foods that I Find on a Regular Basis

  • Truffles and Truffle salt
  • Great olive oil
  • Good bread
  • Kimchi (fresh)
  • Good cheeses-I used to live in France, I have a palate for good cheese. We have it here.
  • Great coffee
  • Local lamb

And then, there is the experimental food, the regional foods, ethnic food, and the I can’t believe we’re eating this in DENVER food!

I’m also in love with the food hall concepts that have opened up: The Source and Central Market Denver. I can’t wait for Stanley Marketplace in the Stapleton neighborhood sometime this fall. In fact, there are so many great places to eat I’m overwhelmed by all of the choices.

There are even James Beard awards winners in our midst as well. Some other cool food concepts of note:

  • American Cultures Tap Room-love kombucha? Go to the tap room and taste a number of your favorite blends.
  • Pho Real! I love Uncle-I haven’t gone in awhile but the food is so freaking good.
  • The PreserveryA cool community/food/and music concept. I had a great lunch there the other day. (RINO)
  • HMart-The ultimate in international grocery experiences. I’ve only gone to the location in Aurora. Pick up fresh fish, kimchi, or fruits and vegetables.
  • Bramble and Hare-The most Boulder of Boulder restaurants. I love this place.

I’m so excited to check out more cool places and share them with you. Can’t wait.




The 10 Best Coffee Shops In Denver-That You Still Haven’t Checked Out Yet

I am an unrepentant coffee drinker. I love a nice cup of dark roast, a well made latte, or the pleasantly smooth taste of a shot of espresso with an amazing head of crema on top. I used to work at Starbucks (don’t judge) I love that place but that’s a story for another day. But my heart is with the local shops that take the approach that coffee is an art form. So, I decided to figure out where the best coffee was in Denver. Fortunately, we have a lot of choices. No more bitter brew, with no depth or flavor. Many of these shops by locally roasted beans and sell local pastries as well.

In my many wonderings around town I’ve found some phenomenal locally owned shops making epic cups of coffee, almond milk lattes, and americanos. Some of the shops on this list you may recognize others may be new to you. All I ask is that you take the time to check each one of them out. I will give directions to all of the shops using Union Station as the starting off point. Also, I  will write another best coffee shops edition later on this summer because there are a ton of amazing shops that aren’t getting enough love!

Best Coffee 

Lists are tricky to do because everyone has their biases. I included places that I normally go to and have visited more than 5 times. I thought about cost, quality, and service. We have an amazing coffee culture in Colorado now but there are certain locations that just get all of the press. Hopefully I’ve shared a few places that you haven’t tried out yet or heard of before.

Illy Cafe

I was wondering around downtown Denver when I noticed a new patio attached to a newly renovated hotel downtown. I decided to pop in and I am so glad that I did. I actually love Illy Coffee and always pick it up when I find it at-TJ Maxx (weird-I know) The latte that I had did not disappoint. The prices were a little on the high side for the food items ($9 for tiramisu when the average cost is around $6 in Denver). But, that coffee is phenomenal.

Check out Illy Cafe at Renaissance Downtown Denver (which is a pretty amazing building in its own right). It’s located at 918 17th Street. They also have wi-fi service as well.

How to Get There:

Exit Union Station and walk about 6 blocks to Champa street. It’s on the right side of the street.

Black Eye Coffee-Capital Hill

I am obsessed with the new Black Eye Coffee location in Capital Hill. It is closer to where I live but I would make the trip there regardless. From the lovely art deco decor, to the garage wall that opens on hot days, and the cool murals on the garage door walls-this place is not only cool the coffee and food is great.

Their food is simple/elevated and outstanding. Try the avocado toast a simple treat that has an elevated taste. And-they have a bar. Not just any bar, but a bar with artisanal drinks. They also serve charred octopus at night. Just saying. Black Eye Coffee is my coffee bae.

I do wish the booths were a little smaller but that’s a small thing.

Black Eye Coffee Capital Hill is located at 800 Sherman St.

How to Get There:

You could walk…but, to be nice I’m giving transit directions. From Downtown Denver (Union Station). Take the Free Mall Shuttle going East (away from the Mountains) to the last stop. The last stop is Civic Center Transit Center.  Take the 83L/3L bus from Civic Center Transit Center located at 16th and Broadway to 8th and Broadway.  Then walk 3 blocks East on 8th avenue to Sherman Street. (You can also take the 0 bus from 16th Street and Broadway-located one block west (towards the mountains) from Civic Center Transit Station. Just look for the bus stops on Broadway street). Black Eye Coffee is located on the corner of the building and you will most likely see a bunch of guys going into the barber shop that is next door to it.

Purple Door

This shop is my sentimental favorite. It is not only a coffee shop, it is also a non-profit with an extensive job training program from homeless youth. The building is a lovely combination of wood, and slightly old-fashioned touches. There are basic pastries such as: cookies and croissants and a small patio when you feel like enjoying your coffee outside.

Purple Door is located at 2962 Welton St.

How to Get There

Take the Free Mall Shuttle from Union Station and get off the shuttle at California Street (there is a Starbucks on the corner). Take the light rail from 16th Street and California going north. Pay the $5.20 for a round trip day pass on the light rail. You can use your credit/debit card. Have cash just in case. You will get off at 27th and Welton and walk about 2 blocks in the same direction (north). The coffee shop will be on your right and it has..ahem..a purple door.

Little Owl Coffee

I absolutely adore this little shop. It’s located in the Sugar Cube building located at 16th and Blake street. It is a spare modern space with very limited seating. The baristas take their coffee seriously and I have never had a bad drink here. They also have pastries that I think are sourced from Beet Box Bakery and Cafe-a primarily vegan baker (I need to double check this!)

Little Owl Coffee is located at 1555 Blake St. #150

How to Get There

Walk 3 blocks East (away from the Mountains) from Union Station until you reach Blake street. Turn right and it’s in the middle of the block.


Is technically a men’s clothing store. But, it’s actually owned by the same guy who owns Little Owl Coffee. I included Steadbrook because this is where they roast the coffee beans used at both locations and other places throughout the city.

Steadbrook is located at 46 S. Broadway across the street from Goodwill.

How to Get There

Take the Free Mall Shuttle going East (away from the Mountains) to the last stop. The last stop is Civic Center Transit Center.  Take the 83L/3L bus from Civic Center Transit Center located at 16th and Broadway to 8th and Broadway.  Then walk 3 blocks East on 8th avenue to Sherman Street. (You can also take the 0 bus from 16th Street and Broadway-located one block west (towards the mountains) from Civic Center Transit Station. Just look for the bus stops on Broadway street.

The White Whale Room

I.love.this.place. Maybe it’s the furniture that looks like a whale’s vertebrae. Or, the open layout, or the patio. Or, the whimsical art on the wall and the fake greenery (I think it’s fake) one wall. Or, maybe it’s the passion of the owners to give its patrons a somewhat elevated coffee/drinks experience a la Sydney, Australia. They even carry Fernet for the serious drinker who has been to Argentina.

The White Whale Room is just pretty freaking cool. The concept is also a nod to Moby Dick and the great white whale. They also have a limited food menu with some pretty standout options.

The White Whale Room is located at 415 S. Cherokee Street #125

How to Get There

From Union Station take any light rail train EXCEPT the W line. Do NOT take the W line. Take the E or C line to Alameda Station. You will get off and walk towards the patio that is on the corner of the building next to the light rail. Boom, there you are!

Steam Espresso Bar 

I love Steam. It is a bright, airy, warm space with ridiculously nice people and a steady stream of clients coming in throughout the day. I’ve never had a bad drink there and the baristas know what they’re are doing. When I’m on South Pearl Street I prefer walking a couple of blocks to Steam because I feel it’s the more grown up of the two coffee shops on that street.

Steam Espresso Bar is located at 1801 S. Pearl St.

How to Get There

From Downtown Denver (Union Station). Take the Free Mall Shuttle going East (away from the Mountains) to the last stop. The last stop is Civic Center Transit Center.  You take the 0 bus from 16th Street and Broadway-located one block west (towards the mountains) from Civic Center Transit Station. Just look for the bus stops on Broadway street.  Get off the bus at E. Colorado Ave. and walk 11 small blocks (East-away from the Mountains) to Steam. It’s about a 5 minute walk and is a grey building.

Corvus Coffee

Takes making good coffee SERIOUSLY. They even have a cold brew dispenser that reminds me of getting poured a fabulous cup of beer. Locate a long the “Green Mile” you will find Corvus Coffee on S. Broadway. If you’re in the mood to check out antiques, eat empanadas, or check out the Arc Thrift Store you definitely need to check this place out.

The coffee quality is superb and even though I wish coffee shops would add a couple of warm accents to industrial chic-the baristas more than make up for the lack of warmth in the interior.

Corvus Coffee is located at 1740 S. Broadway Street.

How To Get There

From Downtown Denver (Union Station). Take the Free Mall Shuttle going East (away from the Mountains) to the last stop. The last stop is Civic Center Transit Center.  You take the 0 bus from 16th Street and Broadway-located one block west (towards the mountains) from Civic Center Transit Station. Just look for the bus stops on Broadway street.  Get off the bus at E. Colorado Ave.  You will see it across the street.

Mercantile Dining and Provision

Is located inside Union Station-no travel required. The prices are a teensy bit high but the quality of each drink and gorgeously crafted pastry more than makes up for the price. The baristas are super nice, very knowledgable and endlessly patient given the volume of business that they do at this location. They also make their almond milk fresh on the premises and I consider their almond milk lattes the best in Denver.

In case you’re feeling a little peckish-check out the menu. Phenomenal food. One of my favorite items to order is the Banh Mi off the Market Menu.


In my view is a hidden gem. I honestly don’t know why more people haven’t heard of this place. It may be because they are pretty low-key and located in a part of Denver that is cool-but probably not on your normal rotation. I get to this shop a couple times a year and I just love this place.

They don’t have social media, they have a one page website-basically, they keep it simple. The coffee is smooth, delicious, and worth the trip (especially if the owner is making it).

2914 is located at 2914 W 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

How To Get There

From Union Station-walk 3 blocks to 15th Street and Wynkoop. Look for the bus stop. Take the #28 Bus Going West (towards the mountains) with the final destination of Applewood. Get off the bus at W. 26th Ave and Federal. Walk 3 block to 29th street, turn right and you will find 2914 in the middle of the block.

I will share a second edition of the 10 Best Coffee Shops in Denver soon!


Vesper Lounge

Chef Driven TV Show: Colorado Foodies Rejoice!

For some reason, the idea that Denver has bad (or boring) food still persists. I do understand why, I grew up when Colorado food was good…but kind of boring. I mean, how many steaks can a person eat? Even good ones! For a really longtime one of the reasons I thought about moving was food.

I am a foodie. I live to eat, I don’t eat to live. I enjoy shopping for food, cooking food, eating it, and making food for others. Discovering new morsels to eat,ingredients to use, and regions of food is something that I embrace and take seriously. So, for a longtime Denver was a challenging food city to live in as it just wasn’t a food city.

Not Anymore!

Finally, we are able to find amazing locally sourced, innovative, and high quality foods in almost every city or town that you would visit while here. It is with this history in mind that had me ecstatically watching a new food show on PBS about Colorado food called Chef Driven(this is not a sponsored post).

The minute that I watched this show I knew I was hooked. Frank Bonnano of Bonanno Concepts now has a great show about Colorado food. I truly enjoyed watching it (except for the shrinking car sound for switching scenes). My first episode happened to be the one where Frank visits Colorado Correctional Industries’ food cultivation program. It’s unbelievable how big (and inventive) the program is.

The irony that an East Coast transplant sharing our wonderful state hasn’t been missed!  In fact, I think having a chef of Frank Bonnano’s calibre who is not originally from the state of Colorado is a huge deal. I feel like it lends a legitimacy and East Coast swagger to our town’s food scene.

I love the Chef Driven TV show because not only is it well produced and shows beautiful made food, I find it to be an accurate representation of Colorado life.

We’re not pretentious, we still wear jeans all of the time! We love chilling out with friends and family and enjoying the outdoors. And, shockingly, we love to eat good food.

For a longtime I considered moving. The food was boring, there wasn’t a lot to do here, and then something happened. years and years of hard work on behalf of: business leaders, politicians, and residents have transformed Colorado to a cosmopolitan international hub that has a ton to offer.

We aren’t are afraid to try new, inventive concepts  and that lack of fear is encouraging a growing number of culinary badasses to return to Colorado or to settle here and add additional depth and flavor to our food scene.

Frank Bonnano is definitely one of the stars of the Denver food scene. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at several of his restaurants: Vesper (love it!!), Bones, Wednesday’s Pie (miss the store front in Baker), Russell’s Smokehouse, and had a drink or two at the Green Russell. While I would say the price point is a teensy bit higher than I would like (Larimer Square rents) I continue to return to these restaurants and love them every time I go.

Vesper Lounge

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