Sprouts Grocery Store Review

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Weirdly enough, one of my favorite activities is going grocery shopping. I’m a live to eat person versus eat to live and I’m also a personal finance blogger-check out my other blog: Michelle is Money Hungry. As a result, I enjoy figuring out where to get the best deals when grocery shopping.

Download Ibotta First

Before you go on your next grocery run. Ibotta is my favorite savings app (and it’s developed and headquartered in Denver). Here’s my affiliate link! Get $10 towards your first payout when you sign up as a new Ibotta user.

I love saving on groceries, clothes, and (ahem) the occasional bottle of alcohol. Now that you have Ibotta downloaded it’s time to shop at Sprouts.


Is one of the grocery stores that I regularly shop at. I like to purchase different things at different places and Sprouts stands out when it comes to affordable produce. In fact, Sprouts hands down has the best deals on produce out of the many different grocery stores that I shop at here in Denver/Boulder.

I also love the bulk spice area that offers affordable deals. I love to cook and enjoy using a pretty wide variety of spices. I pick up the majority of my spices from Sprouts because the variety and the prices are so dang good!


Most stores are typically small, airy spaces that are well-lit. I like that everything is easily navigable from wherever you may be standing in the store.

There are also great deals on meat/poultry/ and fish. But, I truly feel that Sprouts shines in two specific areas for me: produce and customer service. I can’t say it enough, the team that at the Wash Park store is outstanding. They are easy going, nice, and professional. Whenever I need help, team members are helpful and are focused on answering any questions that may come up.

For new arrivals from the East/West you’ll notice that we don’t have stores such as Aldi’s, Wegmans, and Food Lion. But, we do have Sprouts, Alfalfa’s, Whole Foods, Safeway, and Natural Grocers to name a few. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Tres Pupusas

While I’m on the topic of food, I thought I would share one of my favorite new Colorado made products! I had the good fortune of trying out several different flavors of Tres Papusas stuffed corn masa treats.

If you haven’t had a pupusa yet-run, don’t walk, to get these delicious treats! I’ve eaten several different flavors:

  • Black Bean and Sweet Corn (regular sized)


  • Jalapeño and Cheese-Right now these are my favorites. I really like spice so I’m always a bit biased towards spicier options.

I particularly enjoyed the crispiness of the masa and the fact that it takes about 10 minutes to bake them. Nope, no microwaving (I imagine microwaving the pupusas would give the masa a weird texture). Here is a link so that you can pick up some boxes if you’re looking for a nice appetizer for your next party.


SQS013: Phylecia Jones

One of my favorite things to do with Square State is to discover people’s backstories. Basically, how did they end up in Colorado, how has it been, and has their experience been what they expected?

Listen to the Show

Phylecia Jones shares her story of :

  • Deciding to move to Colorado


  • The experience so far


  • How she and her husband made the decision to move to Colorado


  • I wonder if she found the state expensive?


  • The experience of running a business in Colorado


  • The experience of being a person of color in Colorado


  • Is it easy to meet people here as an adult?


  • Her biggest piece of advice

Follow Phylicia

Facebook: Keeping Up With Mrs. Jones

Website: keepingupwithmrsjones.com

Instagram:  Keeping Up With Mrs. Jones


SQS012: Colorado Ski Country’s Chris Linsmayer Stops By #NeverSummer

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It’s Friday. October 6, 2017 and I’m super excited because it’s going to snow on Columbus Day! Chris Linsmayer and I spoke about preparing for ski season 2017-2018. We’re also giving away a Gem Pass so make sure to click HERE to enter to win.

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Listen to the Show

Ski Season is Coming

  • Chris Linsmayer from Colorado Ski Country USA


  • Awkwardly dropping ski lingo. But, I do actually use it LOL!


  • We speculate if Loveland or Arapaho Basin (ABasin) will the first to open this year. There is snow in them thar hills!


  • We discover that we went to rival high schools


  • His favorite mountain to ski in Colorado



  • What does Colorado Ski Country USA…do?


  • The Winter Park Ski Train (can’t wait to take it!)


  • Some advice for new adult skiers


  • Where to find ski Related Communities…where to find like-minded people


  • Is it possible to ski…frugally? Chris shares some strategies.


  • Looking for work at a resort? NOW is the time to apply


  • One piece of advice for your next ski trip


  • Getting gear for less-Sharing my process!

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SQS011: The Great American Beer Festival

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It’s almost that time again when hordes of beer-loving fans descend on the Colorado Convention Center located in Downtown Denver. The Big Blue Beer will have a bird’s eye view on all of the beer drinking shenanigans that will ensue. We love to have fun in Dtown!

I decided to enlist the aid of a couple of friends who love beer and have attended the festival. I learned a lot about how the Great American Beer Festival runs and believe this episode will be super helpful to you!

The Great American Beer Festival 

Before you go-don’t forget to download the LYFT app in case you don’t have a designated driver. This is my affiliate link btw.

We get the male perspective of this event.

  • I admit my dirty secret
  • There are men EVERYWHERE during this week.
  • Tons of external events as well
  • Libraries are getting in on the action
  • Thousands of beers, and hundreds of brewers
  • Don’t freak about the lines.
  • How to avoid getting sloppy
  • Use the GABF free app to create a plan
  • Bring an empty plastic water bottle.
  • Eat before you go.
  • The infamous pretzel necklace.
  • The Volunteer Strategy (yep, it’s probably too late for this year)
  • Tim from Go With Less

We get the female perspective of this event.

  • Use the free app!!
  • Mindy’s top tip
  • We talk session duration-I had no idea
  • Ladies don’t wait!
  • We discuss Colorado’s ridiculous plethora of beer-related opportunities and events.
    • Hops and Brews
    • Canned Aid
  • Eat before you arrive
  • Pretzel Necklace
  • Fond memories of the Peanut Butter Porter from Florida and Lawson’s “Sip of Sunshine” IPA from Vermont
  • Out of town guests bring:
  • The Designated Driver experience
  • We discuss the lines.
  • Mindy reminisces about another awesome beer 3Floyds in Indiana. Super popular. Just a head’s up.
  • Dress up!


SQS010: Leslie Kleiman

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Listen to the Show:

Leslie Kleiman

I decided to get back into shape and tried to find a class that would be challenging, fun, and had great music. I discovered Groov3 and Leslie Kleiman (the instructor). We soon discovered that we had a ton of mutual friends and had even participated in the same program (UWP).

  • She’s originally from Arizona.


  • How she found her way to Colorado.


  • The student vs. staff experience in UWP


  • Once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences


  • I get emotional


  • Amazing LOL!


  • Groov3-I’m so obsessed.


  • How does dance create community?


  • Want to become a Groov3 instructor?


  • We talk community building in Denver.


  • We talk about Colorado life (including cost of living)

A Groov3 Class (tiny snippet)

I LOVE this class. I use Class Pass so that I can check out different classes throughout the Metro. Click on my affiliate link to sign up for Class Pass and receive $30 off your first class pass month. Tell Leslie that Michelle Jackson sent you!

*Music is a result of video recording. I do not own it.*






SQS009: Denver Start Up Week

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Denver Startup Week 

Is one of my favorite business-focused events in Denver. Why do I love it so much? Let me share the reasons why:

  • It’s free!


  • Even though it’s free, the vision of the founders and planning committee is big picture focused.


  • The knowledge shared.


  • The speakers
    • Mark Cuban
    • Bryan Leach
    • Casey Neistat
    • Just to name a few of the amazing people who are sharing their wisdom during the week.


  • Denver Startup Week Highlights Colorado-based businesses


  • The networking


  • The parties!

In this episode, I share 10 tips on how you can have a phenomenal experience at this year’s Denver Startup Week event. Can’t wait to see you there!

Casey Neistat (my favorite video by him)


SQS008: How to Shop For Thrift and Vintage Clothes in Denver

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We are now closing in on the end of summer and the beginning of Fall. For those of us in colder climates, we are waking up to color mornings and digging through our closets to find a light sweater to keep the chill at bay.

SQS008: How to Thrift Shop For Vintage and Thrift Clothing

I randomly spied a rack of gorgeous clothes at a local arts fair. But, I was doing a no shopping challenge so I couldn’t buy anything. After raving about all of the gorgeous items I invited the owner of Thrifting Coups to talk to me

The Show Player

Thrift Shopping

Isn’t for everyone. In fact, I used to get a little skeeved out when I thought about it. Buying clothes that other people have worn? Why…just why? Well, I’ll tell you why:

  • It’s cheaper!


  • Thrift shopping is a great way to be kind to the earth while getting your fashion on.


  • Other people have tried on the new clothes you just bought at your favorite retail store.


  • Vintage clothing rocks!



As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (online version) ” a brilliant, sudden, and usually highly successful stroke or act She pulled off quite a coup when she snagged the usually reclusive author for an interview.


Show Notes:

  • Carlyn has been thrifting for a long time


  • She needed a good professional wardrobe but was broke in the beginning of her thrifting journey



  • 3 Tips for finding great thrift clothes
    • Shop on the edge of town or a slightly more rural area
    • Go at the beginning of the week
    • Say “no” to synthetic materials


  • Clothing Care Tips
    • Say “no” to the dryer


  • She shares her Frye Boots addiction (I have this one too!)


  • Carlyn shares the top three clothing pieces every woman should have


  • I point out that Denver has fashion challenges…She points out some of the positives



  • Takeaways:
    • Research classic styles
    • Search for savings opportunities
    • Most Saturdays are 50% off (double check)


  • Want to run an online store? Here are some lessons she’s learned:
    • How to deal with crazy people
    • Be realistic about what your life is like and what your wardrobe should look like.


Have your own style!


Looking for Jobs in Denver?



Have You Joined Denver Boss Babes Yet? I Speak with Roxy Barnes About Her Cool New Community!

* In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. Please read my disclosure here.*

Roxy Barnes

Is a bubbly, energetic, business-minded force of nature. With slayed hair, nails, and eyebrows-she stands out. It is no surprise that she has started a wonderful Denver-based business community called The Denver Boss Babes Collective. I’m very thankful for this community and didn’t realize how much I needed a local community like it…until I was a part of it.

The Interview

  • Launched in February



  • The importance of business positioning.


  • Roxy keeps adding to her wheelhouse of expertise
    • Color-specialist
    • Nail technician
    • Cosmetologist
    • Lash Extensions
    • Online community builder


  • Denver is expensive!


  • Why Roxy decided to work for herself.


  • The challenge of finding new clients.


  • Why Roxy decided to stay in D-town.


  • I ask about the positives and negatives of running a business in Denver.


  • We talk marketing a business on a budget.


  • The importance of making a business looking larger than it seems.


  • Establishing brand trust.


  • Her expectations of Denver….


  • We get candid about being a person of color in Colorado and beyond…and how that make us feel in certain situations.


  • Becoming the face of her brand.


  • The science of client attraction.


  • We get meta about pricing and self-worth.

Would Like to Get Your Lashes Done?

New clients, use the following code ColoLuvHub to get 15% off your first service. Here is the link to schedule your appointment. Please remember to read the booking page carefully.

To Join Denver Boss Babes Collective

You know you want to. And, it’s awesome. Click the following link.

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SQS006: How to Become an AirBnB Host in Denver with James Carlson

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Want to Try Out Airbnb?

Use my affiliate link to save money on your first booking!

SQS006:How To Become an Airbnb Host In Denver

James Carlson from James Carlson Real Estate regular runs classes on how to become an Airbnb host in Denver.  He and I discuss the following in this podcast:

  • How he got into hosting.


  • The sheer amount of money he earned in a short amount of time.


  • What a great host needs to do.


  • Pros and Cons


  • How to be legally compliant in Denver

We all know that Denver is finally on the radar for destination travel in the U.S. With the increase in tourism to the city of Denver and the state of Colorado, there is a huge opportunity for would be Airbnb hosts.

Who’s Visiting Denver?

  • Families


  • Adventurers


  • Convention Attendees (Examples)
    • Denver Comic Con
    • The Outdoor Retailer Conference



  • Business Travelers


I could go on, but, you get the picture. With all of this tourism, the question becomes…where is everyone staying? You may have thought about running an Airbnb, but wasn’t sure about it. This episode is a must listen if you would like to make money this way.

Not in Denver? Doesn’t matter-you will learn a lot, and then research your city’s specific regulations regarding short-term rentals.


  • Here is the link to Jame’s event calendar so that you can catch his next class!




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50 Cool Things To Do In and Around Denver

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Let’s be clear, I’m constantly amazed by all of the incredible stuff there is to do in Denver and the surrounding suburbs. So, I decided to put together a list that included the typical and not so typical activities that are awesome to do, pretty affordable and fun. Here’s my list of 50 cool things to do in and around Denver!

50 Cool Things to Do

  • Comic Con-This is my first year attending and I can’t wait! Every year I would watch all of the sci-fi enthusiasts (read my people) converge downtown at the Convention Center with the Big Blue Bear. This year I look forward to being one of those people. I plan on sharing a post about my experience soon!


  • Casa Bonita-Most Denver kids have gone to Casa Bonita at least once in their lives. There is nothing better than indoor cliff diving and mediocre food to make life complete. The sopapillas are pretty decent though.


  • Colfax 1/2 or Full Marathon-After being on my to-do list for the past 5 years, I finally ran the Colfax 1/2 Marathon. Without training…like a crazy person. Fortunately, I was able to finish it but by mile 8 was questioning the decision to run/walk it without training. Best moments included: running through the zoo and checking out the animals, discovering that there was a nice ladies restroom open in the zoo, running under the giant American flag on Colfax,  the Firemen without shirts, and actually finishing the race.


  • Denver Cruiser Ride-Is an epic event that had gotten crazy big and was driving the founders crazy. They seem a lot happier this year after changing the format to 5 rides this summer instead of every Wednesday. Ride with hundreds of bike enthusiasts throughout the city of Denver, wear a costume, listen to music, and just have a great time.


  • Catch a Cirque du Soleil Show-We are fortunate enough to have Cirque du Soleil stop through Denver basically every year. This year’s show is so good that I’ve decided to see it twice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Denver Center for Performing Arts Show-It’s official, Denverites don’t need to go to NYC to see theater. We are fortunate enough to enjoy a ton of amazing musicals and other serious shows produced a the DCPA. Take advantage of the $10 DCPA access shows (plus a $1.50 processing fee per ticket). Those tickets get picked up QUICK.


  • Afternoon Tea at The Brown Palace-What is it about afternoon tea that is so appealing to so many people? I recently had a chance to enjoy it again at the Brown Palace and I can say that for me, it’s the opportunity to spend hours eating tiny bites of yumminess while spending time with family and friends.


  • Underground Music Showcase-There is a phenomenal music scene in Denver. The UMS is the event to hang out with other music enthusiasts who can’t get enough of live music.


  • Red Rocks-To be honest, I don’t need a reason to go to Red Rocks. I just go, all the time. It’s almost magical to me and I can’t get enough. If you haven’t had the chance to attend Movies on the Rocks, Yoga on the Rocks, or a concert-you need to add this to your list of things to do.


  • Waterworld-It does get hot here and when it’s hot, Waterworld is one of the best places to cool off. The highlights: the Spacebowl, Voyage to the Center of the Earth, and the Wave Pool.


  • Dim Sum at Star Kitchen-It is possible to go to Star Kitchen, eat your fill with a ton of friends and only end up paying $10 a person (plus tip). Yep, that has happened. Am in love with that place.


  • Day in Boulder-Sometimes Boulder drives me crazy. But, sometimes it’s the town that I grew up in. Unpretentious, beautiful, and tranquil. If you’re visiting for at least 5 days-you have to spend at least an afternoon in Boulder. Here’s a link to a post I wrote about enjoying 36 Hours in Boulder. Have fun!


  • Day in Rocky Mountian National ParkRMNP is one of my favorite places to hang out in Colorado. It’s a quick 1 1/2 drive from Denver (depending on the day). My favorite thing to do is to go at different times of the year because the park is always changing. Love.


  • Happy Hour at Avanti-Is one of my favorite places to go and hang out with friends, get my drink on, and check out the Denver skyline.


  • Groov3 class at Dance2b-I am OBSESSED with this hip hop dance/fitness class. Leslie (the instructor) is fabulous and I look forward to sweating like a pig, listening to great music, and throwing shade at Leslie because she never sweats. How is it possible?


  • Rock and Roll Half Marathon-For those of you who love to run, this is a great event. I had the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon on my vision board for the past 5 years. I would talk about it and then back off because I was afraid. Until…I did it and had a great time. You will too!


  • Wing Over the Rockies-This place is awesome not just because it has a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter and is located next to a large beer garden. Yep, this place is legit.


  • Slam Nuba-Poetry slams are the coolest thing ever. And, Denver has an incredible community of poets who share their wisdom and artistry…not often enough. They also happen to be one of the best slam poetry teams in the U.S.


  • The Derby Party-There is nothing better than getting my drink on, looking cute, wearing a fascinator, and supporting education all at the same time. The Derby Party lets me do that and I look forward to attending it every year. The tickets aren’t cheap…but, it’s a wonderful event and sends kids to college/university. Yes!


  • The Polo Classic-Many, many years ago I went with my mother to the Polo Classic with my mom. I have no idea how she got the tickets (they’re pricey/we weren’t rich) but I still remember that experience and stepping on the divets that the horseshoes pulled up.


  • The Barn Party-Apparently, this event has been going on for awhile and completely off my radar. It’s also run by the same people who run the Polo Classic. It’s on my list for next year.


  • The Denver Botanic Gardens-Is a gorgeous oasis of calm in the city of Denver. The garden curator brings in amazing art installations that are seamlessly added into the landscape. Past exhibits included: Chihuly and Caulder.


  • Ohana-There is this weird trend sweeping through Denver which is Hawaiian Poke. It’s a little weird to me because…we’re not close to the ocean. Surely, this trend could go very wrong? Well, it goes really well at Ohana. Delicious.


  • Hanging Lake-Is worth the almost 4-hour  drive to get there. Plan on spending the night and enjoying that part of the state. When you visit please do not go into the water or stand on the log. Period, end of story. Don’t be a douche. Also, plan on soaking in Glenwood Hot Springs afterward. Your knees will thank you!



  • Denver Central Market-Finally, finally Denver has become a foodie city. There are some cool food concepts opening up and DCM is one of them. If you’re looking for: chocolate, coffee, good food, or a fish monger…visit the DCM.


  • Stanley Market Place-Similar to DCM, Stanley Market Place is a mixed use market. The difference: they have regular vendors including: Zero Waste, gyms, and co-working spaces.


  • Ride the Cherry Creek Bike Path-I”m going to double-dog dare you to ride the bike path to Cherry Creek Resevoir instead of the typical ride downtown. It’s a beautiful slightly uphill ride through the city.


  • Velorama Bike Event-It was with great sadness that I watched the Colorado Classic fold. For some reason, I love cycling. The Velorama is a music festival and cycling event. A great combination to attract new fans of a great sport.


  • Hang out in Rino, eat, drink, check out the murals-RINO used to be Denver’s Skid Row. Seriously. While it still has some skeevy pockets, overall it’s pretty awesome. There is nothing better than wandering through the alleys and checking out the newest mural, getting a flat white from Stowaway, or grabbing a beer from one of the many breweries in the area.


  • Jazz in the Park-For some reason I haven’t seen a lot of publicity on this event this year. But, it’s still pretty big. Go to City Park on Sunday evenings around 6:00 pm to picnic, hang out with friends, and listen to great music for free.


  • Put Put Golf at Skyline Park-Underneath the Downtown Clock Tower there is a put-put golf course with all things Denver.


  • Get Some Local Ice Cream-For a town of ridiculously fit people, there is a lot of great ice cream in town. Here are my favorites: Little Man, Sweet Cooies, and Sweet Action. I also would like to check out Rocket Ice Cream in the Lowry Neighborhood.


  • National Western Stock Show-Watch some bronco busting every January when the Stock Show comes into town. It is a huge event that keeps getting bigger every year.


  • Black American West Museum-Let’s be clear about this: there were, and still are, black cowboys and cowgirls. The Black American West Museum shares this rich history with visitors and scholars in town.


  • El Chapultepec-This small, slightly grimy, and musical landmark was the regular stomping grounds of Jack Kerouac. If you don’t know who he is…Google him. If you’re looking for an unpretentious place filled with great music and Coloradans-go to there.


  • Day trip to Estes Park-Before you reach Rocky Mountain National Park, if you’re arriving from the East (coming from Denver) then you will naturally go through Estes Park. It’s not just the home of the Stanley Hotel of the Shining infamy. It’s also a lovely mountain town with salt water taffy, a river walk one block off of Mainstreet, and  a quirky tea room called Moon Kats.


  • Like Professional Sports?-We have all the sports. If you’re into sports…Denver is a great town to visit. Our teams: Nuggets, Broncos, Rapids, Rockies, Avalanche, and the Denver Barbarians (rugby)


  • Chalk Art Festival-The first weekend of every June Larimer Square is cordoned off and filled with artists, food, and activities. The artists create gorgeous works of art that will be washed away after the weekend.


  • First Fridays-Art Walk in the Santa Fe Art District is one of my favorite events. Low key, great art, music, and food-it’s a great way to spend the evening with friends. Buy a glass of wine and just enjoy wandering up and down the streets. If you’re lucky enough, hopefully, you’re there when the street is blocked off.


  • Yoga on the Rocks-Imagine watching several thousand people do a downward dog. It’s glorious. Here’s my tips and tricks on how to have a great time the next time you go.


  • Any Ski Resort Closing Party before Mud Season. Those parties are legit.


  • Frozen Dead Guy Days-Ok, people have a hard time wrapping their heads around what this festival is. In short, it’s a festival that is a celebration of “Grandpa” a Frozen Dead Guy in Nederland. It’s a fun and interesting story.


  • Bolder Boulder-When I was a little girl, I would watch the elite runners pass by in a blaze of Olympic glory. It was (and still) continues to be one of the best race atmospheres in the U.S. Maybe it helps that everyone gets packed in together? Either way, if you’re a runner and you’re planning on visiting Colorado-this race may be for you.


  • The Royal Gorge-A few years ago The Royal Gorge attractions suffered from a pretty catastrophic fire a few years ago. Fortunately, the actual bridge wasn’t affected and the attractions have been restored.  This is a beautiful part of Colorado…just don’t pick up hikers down there…SuperMax is nearby.


  • The Royal Gorge Rail-The views are just stunning. After exploring some of the vineyards in this part of the state, take a ride through the Gorge via the Rail. The prices are pretty freaking reasonable too!  My favorite part is the open car.


  • Pike’s Peak Cog Rail-The next time you hang out in Manitou Springs (and don’t plan on hiking the Manitou Incline) I highly recommend taking the Pike’s Peak Cog Rail up the mountain. It’s STUNNING. You will feel the difference in altitude.


  • Pride-This event is huge! Welcoming, fun, and just a splash of crazy. Every Denverite should go to Pride.


  • Marade-Once one of the biggest Martin Luther King Day Parades, the Marade has gotten a bit off the radar. I did a podcast episode about it and hope that they will bring in some new energy and ideas to revive a long-standing Denver tradition.


  • Speakeasies Galore! There are a number of great speakeasies in Denver. My goal is to check them all out by the end of the year. Suggestions: Williams and Graham, Green Russell, Retrograde, Ste. Ellie, The Cruise Room, and B&GC

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