The Train to the Plane: Why I Love the A Line Warts and All

Every day Kyle Clark asks the following question about the A Train…is it working? And, it each day it feels like a crap shoot. But, I remember the whole debacle with the opening of Denver International Airport. They used to call it Dead in the Air because it took forever to open and it kept experiencing delays.

People love DIA now.

I’ve taken the A Line several times to the airport and I absolutely love how it connects the city of Denver to the airport. It’s the beginning of a rebranding of the city of Denver with the rest of the country, and yes, the world as a world-class city.

The Issues

There is a problem with the timers for the gates. This is a huge issue and it does baffle me that the light rail system runs so well in terms of being on time but that the A Line is still experiencing these issues.

If history is any indication the public will forget the initial problems that the train has had in the long run: unless they were part of that group of people who had to walk on the tracks last year.

What do you think about the A Line? What has your experience been?




Epic Fail Square State Will No Longer Be a Daily Show

I thought I could do it. Create an episode a day for my podcast Square State. Let’s be honest, there are so many things happening that I would never lack content. In fact, I worried that I would have too much content to use and not enough time to share it. Instead, this experiment was an epic fail.

Epic Fail

It soon became clear pretty quickly that with all of my other projects that I was working on, that a daily podcast was just 5 shows too many a week. I found myself scrambling, unable to edit, and towards the end just forgetting to record a show until it was too late to share.

The quality fo the show suffered and I found myself feeling frustrated because I always want to give 100% to whatever project that I’m working on and it just wasn’t happening.

It was just too much.

Fortunately, I did learn a couple of things from running this experiment. There is interest in Square State. Certain episodes have high rates of listenership. I learned that there is more than enough space to share my show, my voice, and my view of life in Colorado.

What’s Next?

Well, I took a break for a week and spent some time thinking about what I wanted to communicate, share, and explore with my audience. I will share two episodes a week on Monday and Wednesdays. Typically, there will be an episode where I share a story, thoughts, or resources that people may want to have access to. The other episode will be an interview with someone from Colorado.

I will also have monthly series that will be published consecutively during the same day. I am hoping to still hit 365 episodes but just configured in a very different way.

Thank you for your patience as I’ve worked on the best way to run this show.